Our Purpose

Our ‘soul’ purpose is to create mutual value for local governments and the communities they serve.

Our Goals

Provide great value insurance coverage and claims services

Improve employee safety and wellbeing by reducing workplace risks

Create trust and shape the industry in Members’ best interests

Foster a culture that reflects our mutual mindset

Mutual Value Accreditation

In September 2021 StateCover was awarded official accreditation for our Mutual Value Framework by the Business Council of Cooperatives and Mutuals (BCCM), recognising our commitment to Members and more than 20 years of creating mutual value.

This is a significant acknowledgment and serves to reinforce our ‘soul’ purpose – to create mutual value for our Members and the communities they serve.

Our mutuality differentiates us from other insurers and is the primary reason why StateCover is one of a kind.

Our Expertise

Mutual Mindset

StateCover was created by Members, for Members. We put councils’ needs first, every time, keeping premiums affordable and reinvesting surpluses in risk improvement initiatives.

Council Specialists

What matters to councils matters to StateCover. With 20 years’ experience working with councils of all sizes, we’re specialists in the complexities of workplace risk and wellbeing in a council setting.

Workplace Risk and Wellbeing Experts

StateCover integrates worker wellbeing, injury prevention, insurance and claims management, which enables us to deliver products and services tailored to meet our Members’ end-to-end workplace risk needs. We go beyond claims, partnering with Members to ensure your workers’ health, safety and wellbeing.

Reliable Relationships

We collaborate closely with our Members so that together we can shape the Mutual we’re all a part of. Our regular rhythm of connection and collaboration builds trust, mutual respect and reliable results.

Proven Track Record

Building trust takes time. Our compassionate team draws on two decades of experience, helping us understand what Members need today and what they’ll need in the future.

The team at StateCover are very professional, informative, polite, courteous and always willing to assist in dealing with not only workers compensation claims, but also in WHS. The service is great.

Regional Member Council

Becoming a Member

StateCover is licenced to issue and renew workers compensation insurance policies to NSW Local Government entities and their subsidiaries.
All policyholders are Members of the Mutual.

Contact us for more information.

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