StateCover assists local government organisations with the safety and wellbeing of more than 37,000 workers across the state who serve their communities in innumerable ways, far beyond the stereotypical roads, rates and rubbish.

These workers provide fire services, keep our beaches safe, protect the environment, clear our waste, operate libraries, museums, galleries and sporting venues, remove unwanted plants and animals, care for our youngest, oldest, and most vulnerable people… the list is virtually endless. Behind all this is the huge amount of administration and management that supports and guides this monumental and varied activity.

Of course, things don’t always go according to plan, especially when the plan is as enormous and intricate as local government services. People get hurt, physically and psychologically, and our Members are committed to doing their best to remedy the situation when this happens. In partnership with StateCover, they work hard to get people back to health as soon as possible, where possible – it’s why we were created in the first place. As our Members’ workforces grow in size and complexity, so too do StateCover’s services, always with the shared goal of keeping people safe, well and working.