At StateCover, our people matter. We strive to be a workplace where our employees are happy and fulfilled, every single day.

Interact with leaders who listen and respond

StateCover has 20 years of experience serving local government, but we’re still evolving and learning at every level. As an employee, you will interact with leaders who listen and respond to your ideas and feedback quickly.

Enjoy flexible and manageable work

We champion a healthy work-life balance for our employees and wherever possible, we strive for flexibility. We’re strategic about keeping workloads manageable and have a forward-recruitment policy to ensure our teams are well-resourced at all times.

Belong to a genuine community

StateCover is a family that lives and breathes integrity, passion and fun. As a mid-sized organisation, staff know one another by name and make genuine friendships. We make an effort to connect socially over events like birthdays and team sport.

Make a valuable contribution

StateCover gives employees the tools and freedom to make a valuable contribution. At the end of every day, you’ll know you made a difference to help the Mutual, our Members and their local communities flourish.

Pursue personal growth opportunities

StateCover supports and empowers employees by investing in professional development and growth opportunities for staff. It’s one of the ways we value people over profit.

I am really proud to work at StateCover and proud of our team and the service we provide to our Members.